6 Health Benefits of Sea Moss

Sea moss is undoubtedly a powerhouse of nutrients. 

Red alga is found mainly on the Atlantic coastlines of Europe, North America, and the Caribbean Islands, this seaweed is claimed to be effective for managing various issues related to both, mind and body.

So today we’ll tell you about 6 exciting health benefits of sea moss, after which you’ll be convinced to add this natural supplement to your daily dietary routine.

  • Boosts Immunity

Although this is attributed mainly to its anti-microbial properties, sea moss is also rich in vitamin C, amino acids, and zinc, all of which contribute to enhancing immunity and preventing cell damage.

  • Relieves Cold and Flu Symptoms

Sea Moss is especially famous for preventing and minimizing the symptoms of cold and flu.

It is rich in potassium chloride, which is an anticoagulant and anti-inflammatory. This is why it is so good at breaking down phlegm in mucus membranes to relieve congestion when you have a cold or sore throat. 

  • Promotes Gut Health

Again, due to its anticoagulant and anti-inflammatory attributes, sea moss helps heal and sustain the integrity of the digestive tract. 

Animal studies have also shown that sea moss can have prebiotic effects on the gut microbiome, which means it helps reduce harmful gut bacteria and promotes the growth of healthy gut bacteria. 

Also, this red alga can help minimize persisting acid reflux, and being a rich source of fiber, it can help normalize bowel function and reduce bloating. 

  • Maintains Healthy Thyroid Function

Another highly acclaimed benefit of sea moss is its ability to support thyroid function.

This is mainly because sea moss contains extremely high concentrations of iodine, which is the main component required for a healthy thyroid gland. It also contains the critical mineral selenium, which is essential for thyroid hormone production.

However, those struggling with thyroid issues must consume sea moss carefully, since overdosing on the seaweed can make matter worse.

  • May Help with Development of Unborn Baby

Sea moss is also rich in the minerals and vitamins crucially required for prenatal health. 

One such vitamin is vitamin B (folate), which is essential for healthy fetal development and provides protection against neural tube defects. 

Also, iodine helps support optimum bone and brain development during gestation and early stages of child growth, and also maintains the growth of normal breast tissue.

  • Nourishes Skin

Last but not least, the rich mineral and nutrient profile of sea moss makes it highly beneficial for overall skin health. 

Sulfur is one such mineral that helps relieve inflammation and reduces the growth of pathogenic microbes on the skin.

And vitamins including vitamin A and K, and omega-3 fatty acids also promote optimum skin cell function and keeps skin hydrated.

Try Sea Moss Today!

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