6 Ways Sea Moss Boosts Your Health

Sea moss, the famous super-weed that’s naturally rich in minerals and vitamins, has various health and wellness benefits. From being an antioxidant to helping the thyroid gland function optimally, here are some of the potential benefits of sea moss on health.

Potential Health Benefits of Sea Moss

Despite existing research into the benefits of sea moss, evidence is still limited to conclusively back health claims. However, the few studies available show promising results and make sea moss a worthy candidate to consider as a dietary supplement.

  • Weight Management 

Seaweeds such as sea moss can potentially help support weight loss. 

A 12-week study involving 78 adults taking1000 mg of red seaweed extract every day showed a significant decrease in total body fat mass and body weight as compared to a placebo group.

This is possibly due to the compound fucoxan thin that's present naturally in seaweeds which helps break down fat.

  • Thyroid Health

The thyroid gland requires sufficient amounts of the mineral iodine to produce and use many essential hormones in the body. A lack of iodine results in inadequate thyroid functioning, which causes various metabolic issues affecting growth, weight, and even sex drive.

Being a naturally rich source of iodine, sea moss can potentially prevent iodine deficiency and promote thyroid health.

  • Gastrointestinal Health

Sea moss might also have prebiotic effects which could help improve gut health and promote the growth and function of the gut microbiome. This is because sea moss is a rich source of dietary fiber, along with oligosaccharides such as carrageenan, which are food for gut microbes.

However, researchers need to conduct further human studies to support these claims.

  • Immune Health

This is also an aspect linked to the digestive system. A diet rich in prebiotics and fiber-rich foods helps promote a strong immune system.

Research in rats showed that consuming sea moss resulted in higher levels of immune antibodies. More research in human subjects could further confirm these findings.

  • Anti-Cancer

Compounds present in certain algae can protect against specific cancers. The research found that the compound fucoxanthin, present abundantly in certain algae, can protect specific markers of colorectal cancer, and can also reduce risk factors.

  • Neuro-protective Properties

The antioxidant properties of algae such as sea moss can provide significant protection against neurodegenerative diseases. 

Studies on roundworms found that sea moss extracts protect against the markers of Parkinson’s disease.

Again, further research could help establish the possible neuroprotective effects of sea moss on humans.

Final Thoughts

Despite limited scientific research, sea moss has shown promising health benefits. Nevertheless, including sea moss as a dietary supplement in your daily regime can help provide a balanced source of nutrients and minerals. But always consult a healthcare professional before including any supplement in your diet.

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