Is Sea Moss Good for Acne?

Found in the lukewarm waters of shallow, rocky coasts around the Atlantic, sea moss carries plenty of benefits for the skin. Ever since scientists discovered all the goodness that this species of red algae contains, its popularity has been on the rise.

So what does sea moss have that makes it so valuable? Well, the answer to it is pretty simple. It's a seaweed that's high in all sorts of vitamins and minerals, making it a precious addition to everyone's life. Although it's commonly known for its overall health benefits, the lesser-known fact is that it works great for skin as well.

Due to the sufficient sulfur content, sea moss hosts a handful of benefits for a lot of different skin types. Whether it's the oily skin we're talking about or it's acne we're dealing with, sea moss is there to help us all.

According to Dr. Karen Hammerman, a dermatologist at Schweiger Dermatology Group in Garden City, NY, 'Due to high sulfur content, sea moss has antibacterial, antiviral, and antimicrobial functions, and it is therefore believed to help with balancing the skin microbiome. The high sulfur content can also decrease the excessive production of sebum in the skin. Together with the antibacterial effect on P. Acnes bacteria (which causes acne), it may help reduce the severity of acne in people who suffer from this condition. ‘

Apart from that, sea moss offers tons of other additional skincare benefits as well. Like minimizing the signs of aging; that's an issue a lot of us are facing in modern times. And in winters, when most of us have dryness, sea moss comes to the rescue. It helps in all such conditions because not only does it hydrate the skin but it also protects it from the environment.

In addition to this, the magical sea vegetable also contains the most essential elements that our bodies are made up of, including vitamin A, potassium, magnesium, and calcium - which means that there’s nothing much to worry about.

So if you're still thinking about whether sea moss can treat your acne or not we suggest you give it a try. There are plenty of options available around stores and online but make sure to pick the product that suits your conditions the best. Also, look out as sea moss also contains some toxic heavy metals like lead, arsenic, and mercury.

Another tip for you is to do a patch test first and if you see a positive change then sea moss is on your side. Well, if there’s some irritation then consulting your dermatologist would be a better option.



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