Sea Moss for Coughs, Colds, and Respiratory Infections

The health benefits of sea moss might surprise you. This spiny sea vegetable has just too much to offer for your skin, hair, health, immunity and even seasonal allergies.

Being a fantastic source of many essential minerals and vitamins, sea moss produces a holistic effect in your body. It interacts with and improves almost every system. We are going to explore whether sea moss helps with coughs, colds, and other respiratory infections.

Does Sea Moss Ease Congestion & Soften the Sore Throat? 

Short answer: yes

Long answer: Sea moss possesses soothing (or softening) properties on the mucous membranes of human bodies. It's because of the gummy (think and sticky) nature of sea moss.

This particular softening quality is called demulcent. Even today, it's still used at a massive level back in Ireland. It is considered a key ingredient in traditional medicinal teas and other medicines for chronic coughs and colds.

Sea moss contains natural marine sulfated polysaccharides that possess antiviral properties. It is particularly effective against respiratory infections. 

  • Carrageenan sea weed prevents virus attachment to the cell.
  • Lota-carageenan prevents virus entry and exit from the cell.
  • If the virus makes its way into the cell, sea weeds prevent virus replication and release from the cell.

You can use sea moss for:

  • Bronchitis
  • Congestion
  • Sinusitis

Sea weed can be a safe and natural alternative to synthetic drugs, particularly broad-spectrum antivirals that come with side effects such as muscle pain, nausea, hair loss etc.

How Does Sea Moss Help Clear Throat and Phlegm?

Sea moss is also considered to help in cleaning out phlegm from the lungs. Phlegm is one of the significant factors why some people have troubled breathing. This cleansing process also proves helpful when we're fighting cold.

Sea Moss is a Natural Prebiotic

Sea moss also acts as a prebiotic and helps fight the harmful bacteria in our system, especially in the gut area. Then, it makes the whole digestive process smoother and firmer, and together, all this makes one a healthier person.

Final Words

Using sea moss can have more benefits than you think. The list of goodness that the sea vegetable can go on and on. And all those minerals and nutrients can help you in specific ways and support your overall health. So try including sea moss in your daily lives and notice how your body responds to it.

Also, consuming sea moss was never this quick as you can find it from our online store. You can also go through multiple websites and compare the products along with their prices. Buy sea moss from a reputable source such as Herbal Vineyards because if there's one thing that you shouldn't compromise on, that is the quality of your product.

Other than that, you can find amazing new recipes to make your sea moss consumption experience more convenient and exciting. You can add it to your stews, soups, smoothies, and even in your desserts. In short, whether it’s cold or cough you’re suffering from, sea moss might well do the magic for you.


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