Side Effects of Sea Moss

The ocean floor is decorated with beautiful corals and plants, some of which are edible such as coral mushrooms, white fungus and sea moss etc. Of these, sea moss is often dubbed superfood because of its nutritional bounty.

But is sea moss all about health? Does it not have any side effects at all?

Let’s find out!

But first a little about sea moss.

What is Sea Moss and Why it is called Superfood?

Sea moss is a nutrient-dense food for not only the fish in the sea but also for humans. One of the most commonly used sea moss is Irish Sea Moss. It is a healing topical agent and can substitute food. This seaweed is usually red in color but turns yellow or green when dried. It is nutrient-rich and used in the form of smoothies, soups, salads, casseroles and sauces. Sea moss is also a skin-care product and applied in the form of a mask or cream.

Side Effects of Sea Moss

Good news is that there are not many evidences about sea moss harming human health after consumption. However, it can give some minor side effects. A few are explained as under:

·      It has bulk of iodine

Iodine facilities thyroid functioning. But at the same time if it is taken in large amount, it can cause thyroid dysfunction. In fact, too much intake of iodine may result in thyroid cancer also.

This is a major side effect of sea moss but it is certainly avoidable by taking a few precautions.

  • It should be taken under the observation of a health professional
  • The dosage should be carefully monitored, and
  • Taking it in a large amount at a time should be avoided.


·      Burning or redness of skin

Sea moss is enriched with nutrients and minerals that can benefit skin. It can be used by applying it directly on the skin as a mask or in form of a cream. But it should be watched that it does not cause any sort of irritation on skin. In case of any burning sensation, redness or stinging you should stop using it immediately.

It may cause allergic reactions and should be seen by dermatologist.

·      Nausea and vomiting

Sea moss can also give you food allergy. A few people may experience an itchy throat, nausea and vomiting after taking sea moss. In case of any symptom of allergy the use of sea moss should be terminated immediately.

·      Not a cure to all health problems

Although it has minimal side effects, it is not a key to every health issue. It should be taken consistently in a right amount to gain maximum benefits.

·      Does not fulfill all skin needs

It is good, it is natural and has barely any side effects yet it does not provide solution to every skin problem. You will have to be consistent in using it to obtain maximum benefits. You will have to use it regularly for several weeks to get dermatological benefits because the body needs time to absorb the nutrients and attain results.