Why Wildcrafted Sea Moss is the Best Option

Sea moss, the super-weed with tons of health benefits and potential, is creating a lot of buzz and stir among health conscious individuals everywhere. 

But did you know that the way sea moss is produced can influence how it affects your body?

Today we’ll be discussing these production methods, and highlighting why wildcrafting is the best way to produce sea moss for consumption. 

Sea Moss Production

There are generally three ways sea moss is generally produced.

Ocean Farmed

This variety of sea weed is grown in the sea but is not found naturally. It is a way for farmers to make harvesting easier.

The sea moss grown in this way grows from ropes instead of rocks and has limited nutritional benefits as compared to other varieties. 

Pool Grown

This type of sea weed is what many people refer to as ‘fake sea moss’. Sea moss producers extract the weed from the ocean and grow it artificially in pool farms or brine pools. This involves replicating the habitat and properties of the ocean, which obviously is not completely possible. 

This variety is generally lighter in color than natural sea moss, and is much larger, saltier, and essential deficient in minerals.

Even though this sea moss grows quickly, it contains a lot more mucilage as compared to naturally occurring sea moss, negatively altering its overall composition and making it the least nutrient-rich variety. 


The naturally occurring wildcrafted sea moss is the healthiest and yields maximum nutritional benefits. 

It is producedspecifically in the presenceof all the properties of the ocean. Growing in its natural habitat,the sea moss adequately absorbs all the nutrients from the rocks it grows on, along with the air, sunshine, salt, and other nutrients in the water.

Moreover, the natural movement of the waterand all the wildlife present within it also influence the quality and growth of the sea weed.

What Makes Wildcrafted Sea Moss the Best?

Simply put, wildcrafted sea moss is the best and most nutritive option because it is grown naturally and is harvested using eco-friendly methods.

Wildcrafted sea moss is harvested directly from its natural habitat, bypassing any excessive and unnecessary human intervention. Preferably, harvesters take only certain parts of the sea moss plant, while the rest of it can re-grow and upkeep the ecosystem.


Among all the harvesting methods, wildcrafting helps retain the most nutrients and natural characteristics of sea moss. Wildcrafted sea moss is smaller in size, and somewhat darker with slight color variations between purple and brown. It might possibly be covered in sand and sea debris, so make sure to thoroughly clean it prior to soaking. 

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