Do You Have Thyroid Problems? Try Sea Moss!

Do you know that 4.3% of the US population suffers from thyroid problems? 

Thyroid problems occur when there is a lack or dearth thyroid hormones in your body. This condition is termed hypothyroidism and affects women and elderly more. 

The thyroid gland is the production factory of thyroid hormones that are essential for the regulation of your body’s metabolic functioning including the brain, heart, muscles, digestion, and bone maintenance. 

A signaling chemical called thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH) detects iodine and utilizes it to enhance the production of thyroid hormones, namely T3 & T4. But, when your body lacks iodine, it can't keep up the required level of hormones. 

In response, your thyroid gland works harder to compensate for the deficient hormones. This, causes the thyroid cells to enlarge and increase in number, which eventually leads to the creation of a large lump, called goiter, in the neck region.

To resolve the thyroid problems, many people use Irish Moss (sea moss) that stabilizes their thyroid hormone levels as well as provide symptomatic relief.

You must be wondering if it it true? 

Does Irish moss really bring your thyroid hormone levels to normal? If yes, then what is the mechanism behind it?

Let us dig into scientific literature to find evidence-based answers.

Sea Moss Iodine, Calcium & Zinc - TheEssential Thyroid Regulator

The precise functioning of the thyroid depends upon the adequate supply of iodine. However, your body does not produce it biologically. You must take via diet or supplementation.

Sea moss constitutes n adequate amount of iodine and zinc that can efficiently balance the production of thyroid hormones. Sea moss can make up for the iodine deficiency in your body if taken cautiously in a prescribed amount under a doctor’s consultation. 

When the thyroid is disturbed the calcium levels also get downregulated. The calcium inside sea moss is helpful for the management of muscle weakness produced by the imbalance of thyroid hormones.

And what more? The studies also reveal that the presence of potassium and antioxidants in the Irish moss elevates your mood and mental efficiency by enhancing the mood-promoting dopaminergic chemicals

That’s why most thyroid patients take iodine and vitamin supplements. 

Final Thoughts

Sea Moss certainly improves thyroid hormone levels and a well-balanced quantity of sea moss is enough for its management. Do skim through sea moss products on our web-store and try them out for yourself now.

Last but not the least, you must take consultation and permission from your doctor before taking sea moss as a dietary supplement for iodine deficiency. 



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