Does Sea Moss Grow New Hair?

Here’s a fun fact: your hair grows at a speed of about ½ an inch every month!

While most people are looking for ways to increase this rate, a query in everyone’s mind is whether the ever-so-glorious sea moss can help.

And the answer is yes!

Irish sea moss will not make your hair grow faster than it already is, but it will encourage the growing process by providing a healthy and nutritious scalp. 

And it does all of this without any harmful chemicals or artificial substances.  

So in a way, sea moss can help grow new hair and keep the existing ones healthy and vibrant.

So let’s dive into the notable benefits of sea moss for boosting hair growth. 

  • Anti-oxidant Properties
  • Rich in various anti-oxidant substances, Irish sea moss can help remove toxins and harmful substances from building up within the scalp, revitalizing and rejuvenating hair and   promoting its growth.

  • Anti-Microbial Properties
  • Since sea moss acts as a potent anti-microbial agent, it can help eliminate bacteria, fungus, and viruses from the scalp, preventing irritation, itchiness and inflammation. This in turn boosts the growth of healthy hair.

  • Conditioning and Strengthening 
  • Applying sea moss gel to hair provides it with a nourishing ‘slip’, making hair look sleek, easy to manage and well-conditioned. It also helps revive dry and dull hair for an overall shiny appearance. 

    Moreover, sea moss helps strengthen and reinforce hair strands. This reduces hair breakage and fall during its natural growth cycle, promoting length-retention and vigor. 

    Here’s a simple way to apply sea moss gel to your hair as a deep conditioner:

    • Apply a generous quantity of the gel to the clean, washed hair.
    • Cover it with a shower cap for 30-45 minutes.
    • Rinse thoroughly.

  • Sebum Production 
  • To keep the scalp moisturized, skin cells produce a substance called sebum. Interestingly, sea moss boosts the production of sebum, ensuring the scalp stays hydrated, dandruff-free and ready to produce new and healthy hair.  

    Final Thoughts

    Sea moss might not increase hair growth, but it does help improve hair growth and vigor by enhancing scalp health. 

    Healthier hair carries lesser risk of breakage and damage, so why not try our exclusive range of sea moss gels today and revitalize your hair like never before. 



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