Can Sea Moss Cause any Health Problems?

To find out whether sea moss can help us with our overall health and if it causes any problems for us, we need to know what sea moss is and how it affects us. Let's get started.

Sea moss is a seaweed that is found at the bottom of the rocky oceans. It a form of red algae that grows in the northern coasts of the Atlantic Ocean. It is a highly nutritious weed that contains numerous amounts of the most essential minerals and vitamins that our bodies require. 

There is a huge list of all the goodness that this magical sea vegetable carries. For example, a normal sea moss contains zinc, iron, calcium, vitamin A, vitamin C, amino acids, antioxidants, and the list can go on. It contains a dose of 92 out of a total of 102 minerals that our body requires.

Other than that, sea moss still has a lot more to offer. It helps us in many different ways like better digestion, keeping a healthy immune system, improvement in gut health, improved thyroid function, muscle building, etc. Apart from that, it's also great for even our skin and hair. So there's no doubt that sea moss is a powerhouse and an easily available superfood.

Now let's come to the part where we find out if sea moss can cause any health problems or not. Well, if you're a normal person, who's just looking for a better quality of life, sure, go for it. If you don't have any serious medical conditions, there's a green light for you too.

An average person can consume about 1-2 tablespoons of sea moss. Having more dosage than that may lead to the problem (or multiple) which none of us would want. The excess amount of iodine in your system is never a good idea as it can cause thyroid disorders. So a big no to overdoing it.

On the other hand, in case you have one or certain medical conditions and if you’re already on medication, you need to be slightly more careful about using it. For instance, if you have thyroiditis or other issues similar to Hashimotos or hypothyroidism, consulting a professional before using sea moss would be recommended. 

Overall, sea moss is generally safe and it would be a good idea to add it to your daily lives as now we all know how beneficial it can be. 


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