Is Sea Moss Good for my Sperms?

The truth about Sea Moss's claims about sperms! 

The assertions about sea moss and what it has to do with fertility include both male and female aspects. This tends to make it appear like a good all-around solution if some man or woman is having trouble conceiving.

Since sea moss is extensively used as a natural, healthy sexual activity booster supplement for males in the Caribbean, several people believe that it can raise testosterone levels and the number of sperms. This will, of course, enhance the chances of people getting pregnant. 

It is correct that testosterone is required for the body to generate sperm, and sperm is required to fertilize an egg and achieve conception. However, increasing the amount of testosterone in the blood will not result in much more or healthier sperm. This is due to the actions of many other hormones.

The elements present in sea moss, on the other hand, may help to a balanced diet, which may benefit men with difficulties like metabolic syndrome and obesity that can affect fertility.

What is Present inside Sea Moss?

Sea moss, as we all know, is a nutrient-dense plant. It's also known as Mother Nature's source of Vitamin supplements. Sea moss is also a powerhouse since it contains 92 of the 110 minerals found in the human body. 

Sea moss is a rich collection of micronutrients, vitamins, and minerals such as zinc, calcium, vitamin C, phosphorus, vitamin B, beta-carotene, and manganese. It plays a significant role in the proper functioning of cells in the human body. 

All of these micronutrients are necessary for men's strength and reduce weariness and tension.

You might wonder where we are going with this, but hold on.

These micronutrients that help reduce stress eventually lead to a better sperm count in men.

Worrying and other types of stress, as per research conducted, can promote the secretion of steroid hormones like glucocorticoids, which can lower testosterone levels and spermatogenesis

One more option is oxidative stress, which has been shown to negatively influence sperm and the quality of the sperm produced, as well as fertility.

Aside from the link between semen/sperm quality and stress, one research examined both subjective and objective measures of stress and found a strong relationship between stress and total sperm count, morphology, and mobility in semen.

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