Fruit-Infused Sea Moss Gel


Fruit-infused sea moss gels are incredibly easy to whip up. All that you have to do is gather the ingredients and whip up the fruit-infused sea moss gel meticulously. Oh, and it is excellent for your health as well! We share some of these health benefits in the later sections of this brief.

But for now, let us get into the ingredients and recipe of this fruity sea moss gel!

Ingredients & Equipment

1- High-speed blender

2- Mason jar

3- An ounce of dry sea moss

4- ¾ cup of spring water

5- 1 cup of the fruit of your own choice (strawberry, mango and pineapple are the preferred options)

6- It would be great if you could get a couple of teaspoons of agave nectar.


1- Please rinse and clean dry sea moss. It is best to get out all the sand, dirt and salt that might be there. Rinsing a couple of times is wise.

2- Then, please soak sea moss in water for five hours, preferably at room temperature. Soak it well so it can expand at least twice its size in a container.

3- Add the rinsed sea moss into the blender and spring water. Also, add fruit and agave nectar into the blender. It is time to blend stuff after this to the point where the desired texture is reached.

4- Of course, if you are using frozen fruit, please thaw it before adding it to the blender.

5- Your fruit-infused sea moss gel is ready. You can store it in a sterile mason jar and refrigerate it for as long as a couple of months.


Following are some of the health benefits of sea moss:

1- It can give a boost to your immune system. Its role in improving immune modulation has been established by research.

2- Sea moss is enriched with fiber, which is beneficial for our microbiota. Our gut microbiota needs prebiotics to function properly, which is an excellent food for probiotic bacteria.

Final Words

Well, folks, that would be all from this brief. Sea moss is the modern-day superfood. And not without reason too! Folks are trying to find ways to make consuming sea moss even more fun. The fruit-infused sea moss gel recipe we have shared with you in this brief is proof of that! On an optimistic note that you will master this recipe in no time, we bid you farewell from this space! Oh, and if you need the moss, always get in touch with us at the herbal vineyards!

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