Sugars in Sea Moss may help treat skin cancer

As the research network widens and deepens to explore the potential health benefits of sea moss, a lot is being revealed. For instance, the new research at Stanford Burnham Prebys Medical Discovery Institute (SBP) reports that a rare sugar found in seaweed, called L-fucose, might help in treating skin cancer. 

L-fucose is found in various other foods as well, such as seeds, mushrooms, and others.

Previously, the same sugar was associated with many pathological conditions that included certain types of cancer and inflammation.

However, this current research published in Science Signaling is the first to link L-fucose with melanoma, perhaps the most dangerous type of skin cancer.

According to Ze’ev Ronai, Ph.D., the senior author (and scientific director of SBP's La Jolla campus): "Our findings offer new, unprecedented detail into the sugar's role in cancer,"

He added: We found that by tampering with L-fucose metabolism, we could inhibit melanoma tumor metastasis. The tumors were affected, and their microenvironment—the cells surrounding the tumor that play a critical role in sustaining cancer—making the discovery even more impactful.

What are Sugars and How they Function in our Body?

There are various types of sugars like sucrose and glucose, and they are found in a variety of sources. These sugars are used and needed by human bodies. Our bodies consume them in unique and exciting ways. At the same time, sugars such as L-fucose might help provide critical tags required by the cells (surfaces) and assist cells in migrating and signaling inflammation. According to previous researches, the levels of L-fucose were linked to cancers like stomach and breast cancers.

All these studies tell us what we need to know, but there's no doubt that more research is required to be more particular about the use of seaweed.

Time to Add Sea Moss to your Diet

With that said, there's absolutely no doubt that it's a great sea vegetable that can help you in plenty of ways. The use of sea moss or its inclusion in your daily lives can do wonders, especially if you're willing to live a healthy and quality life.

And those who seem to do just fine can also benefit from it as most of us are convinced by now that our health is the most crucial thing of them all, especially in times like the coronavirus pandemic. So there's still time to make a plan and start doing something for the thing that matters the most.

Start using sea moss; put it in your foods, drinks, smoothies, or even apply it to your skin. It sure will help you in a lot of different ways. And if you're tired of trying everything else and nothing works, this might well be it. Herbal Vineyard’s Sea moss is perhaps the only thing that's missing from your life. So what are you waiting for, have a bit of it for some time and see how your body responds.


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